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Guantanamo bay prisoner No. 650 Dr Aafia Siddiqui, A Pakistani PhD. Having 144 Honorary Degrees & Certificates, In Neurology, From Different Institutes Of The World, The Only Neurologist In The World Have The Honorary Ph.d From Harvard University, Hafiz-e-Quraan, Aalima, not even a single American matches her qualifications, was kidnapped along with her 3 children, By the FBI from Karachi. Now she is in USA prison, having lost memory due to physical, psychological & sexual torture. She is Imprisoned with men, but we, the Muslims are dead. This message will remain on our walls until we delete it. Protest! If you cannot do anything, just forward it and share it.


 Allah help her. 

This is so heartbreaking ya Rabb, make dua!


I remember an old friend telling me all about her. She went home to help the poor and was kidnapped. Last thing I heard was that she is being held here in Texas. Signal boost this.

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