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“Well I don’t know, maybe some special opps from the governement or something?” snapped Alonso, calling up the first thing in his mind.

“Governement opps?” said Dean in a mocking tone. “Haha, yeah right. You have watched too much tv, kid. How many times do we pretend to be feds, Sam?”

Sam shurgged, and send his brother a tired glance. “Often. There is no special team or something like that, they don’t believe in ghosts. Since no one will do it, we do it. It is dirty wok, certainly not fun, but if we don’t do it more people will die. We were raised that way.”

The Doctor tugged up an eyebrow. “Raised that way? What do you mean?”

“Okay that’s enough personal questions for today.” Dean said a bit rudely. “How come this thing is so big, anyway?” he mentioned at the TARDIS around them. 

“TARDIS stands for Time And Relative Dimension In Space,” the Doctor explained, “it’s Time Lord technology, so it’s bigger on the inside.” 

“I noticed,” Dean responded. 

“How?” Alonso asked. 

“What?” The Doctor turned and looked at them. 

“How is it bigger on the inside?” They repeated. 

“Er… well,” the Doctor started, “it would take ages to explain it, longer than we’ve got, because I’m quite interested in when and how a new species became so abused by the very society that created them, however accidentally.” 

All three of them looked at Alonso, who shifted uncomfortably under their scrutiny. 

“Um,” then winced, knowing how childish that sounded, “you see, from what I’ve heard, they believe we’ll drive them to extinction like they drove other types of humans to extinction.” They looked down and rubbed their neck, “I’m not very clear on the whole thing but that’s what I’ve managed to figure out.” 

The Doctor cursed in Gallifreyan. He loved humans, really, but their entire pranoïa was horreble. “And will you drive them to extinction?” he asked, masaging his temples. 

“Ofcourse not!” Alonse replied slightly offended. “Why would we even do that?”

“Great, another end of the world…” mumbled Dean to Sam. 

“I think it’s more like they would just slowly phase out,” Alonso added, trying to ease the Winchesters’ fears, “not that we would try to attack them or speed up the process or somethign.”

Dean and Sam glanced at each other, still uncertain while the Doctor fiddled with something on the TARDIS console.

“How many are there?” he asked suddenly.

“What, mutants?” Alonso asked, “nobody’s sure-”

“No, labs, how many labs,” the Doctor confirmed.

“Umm, I’m not entirely-”

“How many labs were you captured by, then?” he interrupted them again.

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